Bob Bob Ricard, Golden Square

Located near a corner of Golden Square in London’s agency land, Bob Bob Ricard is a calmly lit art-deco restaurant with a stylish basement bar complete with plush intimate booths to conceal covert activity. Based on a 1920s train carriage design, the opulently furnished bar looks like a sparkly makeover of the Orient Express. The service is never anything but attentive and efficient, although at times slightly over the top.


Cocktails dominate the drinks menu, and whilst they are truly delicious (I recommend the cucumber gin cocktail), the prices are in keeping with the opulent surroundings. Posh bar snacks are available but again prices are sky-high, so keeping a calm composure in front of your clandestine paramour when the bill arrives is imperative. If you’ve got a big wad of cash with which to impress your beloved but want to keep off the radar, this is the place for you. As it was, we stayed for one cocktail, made our excuses, and left under a cloak of darkness.

Bob Bob Ricard

Square Meal


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